Case Study: Latin American Association

By June 19, 2017 November 1st, 2017 Case Studies

Obstacles to overcome:
New Executive Director promoted from within. Great uncertainty about future of immigration. Team members held each other in high regard.

Envision the full integration of Latino families into American life. Offer programs on youth academic achievement, education and prevention, legal counsel, and other services to families with urgent needs.
Length of Engagement
November 2012 – May 2013
Team Profile
Executive Director + Senior Team of 4
Atlanta, Georgia

The team scored itself at the beginning and end using the online Team Diagnostic assessment created by Team Coaching International. Team was coached as a group every few weeks following a customized change agenda.

A variety of exercises addressed conflict resolution and role clarity. Team uncovered ‘team toxins’ – defensiveness, stonewalling, blaming – and agreed upon ways to address them. Published Team Agreements on new ways to make decisions together.

Explored team charter process, including how to tap into their compelling purpose. In tandem with the team coaching, the Executive Director had another executive coach to accelerate their growth.


• Low morale due to recent layoffs and budget cuts
• Respected leader recently promoted to Executive Director
• Uncertainty re: future of immigration reform


• Expand vision and increase alignment among members
• Improve communication
• Decide which decisions are made by the team and when the leader makes the final decision



  • 54% Goals & Strategies
  • 52% Accountability
  • 47% Alignment
  • 46% Decision Making
  • 30% Proactive
  • 36% Resources
  • 26% Team Leadership


  • 71% Trust
  •  42% Constructive Interaction
  • 36% Values Diversity
  • 30% Optimism
  • 23% Respect
  • 20% Communication
  • 16% Camaraderie

The senior team felt more aligned and clear about their mission and impact. Trust grew as they set overall priorities and supported each other.
A sense of optimism and hope increased dramatically.

They are ready to lead the entire community as they embrace the possibilities of immigration reform.

MACRO VIEW: Before & After Results

What Participants Had To Say

The entire team truly put their best efforts into the process. That demonstrates AMAZING loyalty and a deep belief in our mission and each other.”

We have more confidence in each other and are more honest.

We now have specific tools and agreements on how to work together.

I want us to be intentional about using what we have learned with our staff.

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