Case Study: St. Vincent de Paul

By July 15, 2017 November 1st, 2017 Case Studies

Obstacles to overcome:
Direct reports going directly to Executive Director instead of working it out themselves. Mired in tactical issues, losing sight of the vision.

100+ yr old organization offering financial aid and program services to those in need
Length of Engagement
Oct 2010-May 2011
Team Profile
Executive Director + Senior Team of 6. They manage hundreds of volunteers.
Atlanta, Georgia

The team scored itself at the beginning and end using the online Team Diagnostic assessment created by Team Coaching International. Team was coached as a group every few weeks following a customized change agenda. A variety of exercises addressed conflict resolution and role clarity. Team uncovered ‘team toxins’ – defensiveness, stonewalling, blaming – and agreed upon ways to address them. DISC profiles revealed a wide range of decision making and communication styles.


• During recession, demand for services increased dramatically
• Recently changed management structure caused some confusion about roles and responsibilities
• Layoffs had lowered morale


• Free up CEO to focus more on strategic alliances and fundraising
• Address conflict by showing respect and improved listening
• Improve alignment and role clarity to do more with less



  •  25% Constructive Interaction
  • 25% Trust
  • 11% Communication
  • 10% Respect
  • 2% Camaraderie
  • 2% Values Diversity
  • -7% Optimism


  •  14% Goals and Strategies
  • 8% Accountability
  • 7% Alignment
  • 6% Decision Making
  • 2% Proactive
  • -4% Resources
  • -6% Team Leadership

Team made significant progress in addressing conflict constructively, and trust went up 25%. The statement ‘Playfulness and humor are present on this team’ remained their highest-scoring trait.

The team saw modest improvements in their alignment, particularly related to goals and strategies. The CEO was able to focus more on development and fundraising.

With ever-declining resources, expectations of the leader increased and optimism dipped. The team wished they had taken the DISC assessment sooner, so they had more coaching about how to adapt to their different styles.

MACRO VIEW: Before & After Results

What Participants Had To Say

We can’t control the environment around us. But we can control our team dynamics. And that was the big learning of the coaching.

Realignment and role clarity resulted in better day-to-day operations.

It was an accomplishment that our productivity and positivity didn’t decline given the pressures we’re under.

I’ve learned how to say ‘no’ and ask for deadlines from my team members.

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