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Nonprofits focused on eliminating poverty rank on the Best Places to Work lists, known for outstanding leadership and success in achieving their mission.

Investing in Nonprofit Leadership Pays Off

Leadership creates the culture. And culture drives results. The good news: you can change your culture. It’s one of the few places where you have 100% control.  After all, you created the culture, you maintain it, and you can change it.

When you can’t make the culture changes on your own, it’s time for InwardBound.

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"We put this off because we thought it would be difficult. What a surprise to see optimism and camaraderie show up in the first day of training."

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#1 quality grantors want: strong executive leadership
#2 reason grants aren’t awarded: frequent leadership turnover
#3 area that’s underfunded: professional development

Source: Georgia Grantmakers Alliance 2nd Annual Survey

Funders: Prepare Nonprofits for Success with the Gift of Transformative Leadership Training