The InwardBound® Center Vision

Advance racial healing and reconciliation. Create experiences of personal transformation, so individuals and groups move toward

‘What Is Mine — And Ours — To Do’.

Our programs start by looking inward.  Because what life has taught you about the gifts of race and the pain of racism point to your next steps. Whether you’re far down the path or just beginning.

In cross-race programs, discover together how to ‘make a way out of no way’.

White audiences often hold back. The ‘Let’s Catch Up, White People’ workshop gets you ready. Become an expert on how racism is showing up in yourself. Find your voice. Be part of the solution.

Our Promise to You: You will discover for yourself the answers to the question, What Is Mine To Do?

Civil Rights Icon John Lewis Says it All

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Message From The Founder

I see with new eyes. It took worshipping for years at a 100+ year old historically black Catholic church. Co-leading in nonprofits where I was the minority in the room.

Now I can’t un-see what was there all the time.

I’ve joined a diverse team designing race programs like no other. We remain deeply committed to discerning our impact in the movement.  – Catherine Perry

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