When Everyone’s Counting On You,

It’s Time to Turn Your Group into a Team

Who Is This For?

Senior leaders at the top who recognize that changing their team culture will improve results. When you want to model for the rest of the organization what it takes to succeed.

How Do We Start?

Take an assessment and see where your team is productive and positive, and where changes are called for. Decide on 2-3 areas to make dramatic shifts. Then InwardBound designs a unique, highly customized program.

What’s the Time Commitment?

Begin with an all-day offsite, followed by 2-hr team coaching every month. At the end, re-take the assessment and compare before and after scores.

Speed decision making

Decide when siloes improve productivity

Build trust and address conflict

Lead with a unified voice

Prioritize projects

Decide on what you can count on from each other

What Previous Attendees Have To Say

This process was a great return on our investment.

We now know that it's completely within our power to create what we want together.

We asked the hard questions and came together to create solutions.

A year and a half later our productivity and positivity are still improving because of the program.

A Strong Culture Starts at the Top

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Case Studies Show Improvements Up to 80%.
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