Read how clients described their success.

“Coaching lit a fire under my team.”
Rigoberto Giron, CARE

“Our coach was an expert who brought the skills, objectivity and authority to perform the diagnostics, and show the team how to achieve excellence. This investment will pay off for years to come.”
Emily Ellison, Literacy Action

“Instead of just delegating tasks, I’m delegating ownership to my team. I can focus at the 30,000 foot view, leading rather than managing.”
John Berry, St. Vincent de Paul of Atlanta

“The coaching program ended over a year ago and we have seen tremendous strides in our fundraising and program growth. There’s no doubt that the deep work we did with the InwardBound Center made a difference.”
Jeffrey Tapia, The Latin American Association

“The Summit unleashed our creativity, and we connected with each other for bigger and better ideas.”

“Our work is draining and demanding. This Summit helped me re-focus, re-energize, and re-commit.”

“How powerful to be in a roomful of allies with an aligned purpose.”

“What a transformational Summit.”

“I discovered that a good leader is a resource, not the source of all the answers for their teams. That’s a big perspective shift for me.”

“A refresher at a time when our organization requires leaders to adjust. This was truly great timing.”

“Attending this workshop reminded me of my responsibility, as a manager and leader, to invest in my team.”

“I gained some excellent strategies to work with conflict.”

“Teams are ‘living’ and this is an alive experience to be shared widely.”

“Vivid, engaging way to demonstrate the key concepts related to understanding team dynamics, challenges, and developments.”

“The best way to change a team’s behavior is self-awareness and vision of what the team could be if they only knew how to get there.”

“As I integrate new members into our team environment, I will apply the tools and methodologies I learned today for a more seamless and powerful transition.”

“The most valuable thing about this workshop is that it re-energized me and got me out of some day-to-day challenges. I feel like I can make bigger changes.”

“I learned a new way of looking at my team and the things that need to happen in order for us to be successful.”

“I learned how a leader at any level can unlock the potential of those on their teams.”

“I learned how to help others discover their own solutions.”

“I discovered the power to help people help themselves in moving organizations to the next level.”

“I am a changed leader with a heightened level of awareness of factors that can improve my work relationships and productivity.”

“Excellent tools to create strategies for change.”

“I learned how to proactively coach my staff.”

“Using coaching enables me to be less tactically-focused. My team and I both win as well as the children we serve.”

“IBC’s coaching skills class truly helped me to see where pure coaching falls in the leadership tool set.”

“Great, actionable skills to help in both my personal and career growth. I feel confident going back to work and embracing a greater leadership role.”

“Powerful skill building class that can change working relationships and improve outcomes.”

“Humans are ‘assumption-making machines.’ I discovered how to change my perspective to look at what assumptions I’m making.”

“I loved how the training focused on what we can bring back to our organizations.”

“I have been a wimp with my staff. I need to assess, not judge. Support, not fix.”

“This workshop created a safe space to tackle our team issues head on. We’ve now got the tactics to carry our team forward.”

“After this workshop, the team now knows how to have the hard conversations.”

“Incredibly useful in giving the whole team a shared language for team toxins. Now we know how to keep the focus on the future.”

“The workshop leader was magical and enlightened.”

“Women on the Edge made me take that last step and get unstuck. I’m NOT staying on the sidelines. I’m going to be out there making a difference.”

“I can be pretty tough on my staff. I discovered ways I can show more empathy and compassion.”

“In my workshop I found 14 allies who inspired me to take risks and make big moves. A year later they remain my trusted confidantes.”

“The 20 Dream Jobs and the Resume of the Soul were my favorite and most rewarding exercises.”

“I use this training to guide group discussions in the community, especially to introduce new activities and ideas.”

“I now see everyone as champions in their life, and it’s my job to get them to the champion level.”

“This approach works with clients who are repeatedly in crisis mode. But it’s also effective with families ready to make changes in their lives.”

“The coach approach shows me exactly how to help parents align their own goals and solve their own problems instead of expecting me to do it. “