How to Coach Your Clients to Achieve Their Goals

Who Is This For?

Staff who work directly with clients in the community on issues like financial literacy, workforce development, parenting, and more. When you want to apply coaching skills and see clients experience more autonomy and resourcefulness.

What Is It?

A coach training program that complements your work as a social worker or a subject matter expert. You’ll discover new ways to help your clients discover their own solutions, instead of counting on you to be the problem solver.

Know when to guide your clients with coaching and when to intervene

Restore your sense of balance and optimism

Apply new coaching skills that create accountability

Reduce burnout and promote your professional well-being

What Previous Attendees Have To Say

I use this training to guide group discussions in the community, especially to introduce new activities and ideas.

I now see everyone as champions in their life, and it’s my job to get them to the champion level.

This approach works with clients who are repeatedly in crisis mode. But it’s also effective with families ready to make changes in their lives.

The coach approach shows me exactly how to help parents align their own goals and solve their own problems instead of expecting me to do it.

Hire Inward Bound trainers to customize an in-house program.

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